gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wildandfreeblog

gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wild and free blog

gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wild and free blog

gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wild and free blog

gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wild and free blog

gypsy05, wildandfreejewelry, wild and free blog☾✩
“Explore the world with eyes wide open.”

This quote stuck me as I browsed through Gypsy05’s Instagram earlier today. What does it mean to explore with eyes wide open? I’ve been thinking about this concept, and imagining how it applies to my life and longing desire to travel the world and experience different cultures. When I envision wandering foreign lands in this way, I think back to Tulum and an inclination to live in the moment. Experience the present.

As a business owner, I often have a hard time living in the “now.” I’m constantly thinking about orders, design ideas, blog posts or miscellaneous errands I need to somehow fit into my day. On a regular basis my mind is racing at full speed. However, when I traveled to Tulum, my entire mindset shifted. The first post I published while away, I wrote in our apartment, as it started pouring rain and lightning flashed through the bedroom windows. In this post, I wrote about living in the moment and appreciating life by the second. My thought process stemmed from the powerful weather and our lack of knowledge of the surrounding area. Together these two components made it hard to completely plan out every shoot and eventually I had to surrender to the idea of just “winging it.”

When you’re traveling for work, and have assignments and shoots to plan along the way, taking a chance to simply hope the day unfolds into an ideal photo shoot situation can create an extreme amount of stress. I learned to go with the flow and plan outfits in the moment depending on what we would stumble upon during our journey. Luckily, I had Clint with me every step of the way to translate any location into a dreamscape for the blog.

With open eyes I noticed every little detail of our surroundings as I scanned for the perfect backdrop. This, coupled with the desire to take each moment one step at a time constructed a unique travel experience and view of the world that I will forever treasure.

Now that I’m back home, and it’s business as usual, I keep reminding myself of the beauty of taking life in slowly, with every passing moment. To wander the world with an open mind and soul is all I truly ever want.

Thank you Gypsy05 for the major inspiration (and of course for this beautiful bikini).