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Rahi Cali x The Wild & Free Blog


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Back in the jungle this wrap dress from Rahi Cali helped me feel like a princess. The day we shot these photos was our only fully sunny day during the trip and the ocean appeared extra turquoise.  I’m still amazed by the different shades of blue that stretch out into the Costa Rican ocean. Again, it was truly paradise.








Rahi Cali x The Wild & Free Blog

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Traveling in Costa Rica for my blog was so amazing, but sometimes when I’m away from the office (aka my dining room) for too long, I start to feel anxious. I’ve been traveling so much the past two months that I was losing sight of the creative feeling I get when I’m able to work on orders and dream up new designs for Wild & Free Jewelry. Now that I’m back and able to create again, I’ve been hit with a sudden surge of inspiration.

Last week, I was drinking tea and prepping my work table for orders when out of nowhere an idea for a new jacket design hit me. I felt so excited that I had to stop what I was doing and order the materials right then and there. What I have in mind is so different than anything I’ve seen before and I can’t wait to show everyone my vision! I’m hoping I’ll have time to complete them by next month, just in time for fall.

In addition to this, I’ve decided to change the way I operate embellished denim sales. The current jacket designs I sell have been flying out the door so quick it’s hard to keep up. This is of course, ever so amazing, but unfortunately, a lot of other brands have started to recreate similar styles and I’m starting to feel less original. This sentiment has been weighing on me for the past 6 months and it wasn’t until last week that I decided I would take on a new direction.

As part of this new path, I will no longer accept orders for Custom Order Embellished Denim. The elephant styles will be available for custom sizing for the next few months, but after that they will be a design of the past.

In place of this change, I will begin to sell one of a kind, ready to ship, denim styles, some of which will be releasing in the next two weeks! I’m also going to have a jacket giveaway via this blog in September so be sure to check back in and enter to win one of your very own Wild & Free Embellished Jackets!

As always, thank you for all the love. So so so EXCITED to share this new design with everyone!