☾♡ I’ve been in complete admiration of these moon flares from Flare Street for weeks now and I’m honored to finally welcome them to the blog in the first post of a two part series.

Clearly, I’ll take any excuse to stick stars on my face, wear a fringe jacket, and go watch the sunset in pretty clothes, but, I was extra excited to embark on my usual shoot adventure because of these rad flares. Moons & celestial star magic? How could a pair of flares get any better!? If you haven’t heard of Flare Street yet, be sure to take a peek at their website, there’s so many colors and patterns to choose from!








☾ thoughts & daydreams

I feel as though my trip to Arizona is finally sinking in and I’m slowly starting to comprehend its beauty. I’ve hardly had time to go through all the jacket photos we took but I’m more than excited to show everyone what we captured. I’ve always loved road trips and while I’ve traveled to Arizona before, I feel as though every time I visit I find it more and more beautiful.

One of my favorite things about driving far distances is the time it frees up in my mind to think about ideas and what inspires me. Usually, on a day to day basis, I’m so focused on my daily tasks or designing that I don’t let my mind wander very far from the present. But, while on the road, possibilities seem endless and I start to daydream about everything I’m passionate about (which was extra easy to do this time around with the inspiring Vanessa Aristide as my travel side-kick).

While on one of our long Arizona treks, we started talking about how enamored we are with nature and how sometimes even the smallest thing, like a gorgeous sunset, a pretty plant, or red rocks, make us so happy! I realized this component is one of the reasons I’m continuously in awe every time I travel to Arizona. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon twice before, and even with knowing what to expect, I still found myself in shock upon walking up to that vast dream of a view.

I sincerely believe that being able to see beauty in the world around you plays a key role in fostering happiness. The amazing thing about this is, it doesn’t take something as huge as the Grand Canyon to shift your perspective on the perpetual beauty existing around us.

Sometimes, it’s something as small as a butterfly passing through your gaze, or the way the fog hugs the mountain range as it slowly cascades into canyons. Maybe it’s the way the sun casts a golden glow on tall blades of grass, or the pink hue outstretching to the world’s edge just before dusk descends. There’s a never ending amount of things to fall in love with, and the more you begin to accept this, and believe it as truth, the more happiness you’ll discover in every waking moment.

If you feel you aren’t able to see these things, or you don’t appreciate them to the magnitude that others have learned to, know that they are always there, beckoning to bring you into a brighter world.  Just one step in the direction of acknowledging small tokens of beauty will set you on a whole new path. ♡