☾☆ Hi Lovelies! I’m taking a moment between packaging up a Free People order (yay!) and designing new embellished denim to introduce you to an amazing artist I discovered a while back, Rosie Ayers Design. I’ve been a long time admirer of her work and to see myself amongst her moonscape collage magic makes me so happy!

When I first stumbled upon Rosie’s work on Instagram, I think I obsessively lurked her profile every time one of her collages popped up in my feed. I’m a long time lover of vibrant colors and I find immense inspiration within the rainbow spectrum when it comes to dreaming up my own designs and photography. This, coupled with my obsession over sunsets and the moon no doubt made Rosie’s work love at first sight.

Her art, paired with this rockin’ outfit from Flare Street could not make a more perfect match. ♡




Many of you reached out in regards to my last blog post, and I am so overwhelmed by the kindness of your messages! When I started to write “Year Seven” I struggled trying to articulate my emotions in regards to my struggle with social media the past year. Once I published the post I felt as though I truly let go of all that baggage, and then to receive an outpouring of support and messages explaining similar emotions made me happy that I pushed myself to share that side of the Wild & Free story.

I bring this up because finding Rosie’s work, along with many other inspiring artists on Instagram, was one of the main catalysts that helped me view the platform in a different way. Following and engaging with more artists initiated the shift I mentioned when I started to look at my feed and feel excited to create and dream rather than confused and self conscious. It’s astonishing the difference it makes when you start to cater your feed to things that foster inspiration rather than insecurity.


It’s hard not to feel inspired when looking at Rosie’s work. Her magical moonscapes teleport the mind into a world of possibility and color creating daydreams of distant places where pastel pink skies kiss the silhouette of mountain peaks. With one glance, imagination beings to run wild.

If you haven’t explored Rosie’s work yet, give her a virtual visit and let the inspiration begin.

As always, thank you for reading and sending you all love & light from my sunny Wild & Free Jewelry office.


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