HELLO! ♡ It’s been three years since I’ve shared a blog post and lately I’ve been feeling called to come back. This corner of the virtual world will always be so special as it’s where I first began sharing my solo shoots and behind the scenes of Wild & Free Jewelry with you. While I’ve been away, I’ve continued to create and write, but I’ve been keeping most of my visions to myself as my energy has felt introverted & reflective.

Yesterday, Wild & Free Jewelry turned 11 years old, and as I was journaling about how incredible this is, I remembered the days when I first started. I was 19, living with my parents, and enrolled in photography classes at a local college. The early days of my creative journey felt more like an adventure into self expression rather than a strategic move towards starting a career. That simple, wholehearted curiosity to dive within has kept me going throughout all this time, and it’s also why I’ve decided to begin writing in this space again.

image of a girl with her arms up wearing angel wings with a rainbow lens flare in the center of the image

Wild & Free Jewelry was born out of a pure love for photography and in the early days, what fueled my dreams was heading out into the wilderness with my tripod and designs. I’ve written about this before, but remembering those first few years of Wild & Free Jewelry always feels so nostalgic. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged or lost, I try to think back to my 19 year old self who simply wanted to dress up and play in the magical evening light.

Those memories feel like a sacred space, and I call upon them when I need to gather the strength to push forward, even when it feels like all odds are against me. The last few years have been some of the most trying of my life and as 2021 began its final month, I experienced a terrifying car accident. After, I put nearly everything Wild & Free Jewelry on hold so that I could take the time to recover. Over the last month, I’ve spent a lot of time leaning into scary emotions, and accepting the process of healing from trauma. It’s been really difficult and I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but something that’s kept my spirits up, is calling upon the creative memories that paint the story of Wild & Free Jewelry.

These photos are from a time last year when I was really in tune with that same creative feeling that echoes through the chapters of Wild & Free. I like to think it was brought to life by the magical angel wings from Stonehart and the golden evening light that created the most perfect rainbow lens flare. Whenever I wear these wings I can feel a child-like sense of wonder overcome me.

In eleven years, the one constant in my life is that I’ve had a creative space within to come home to. Sometimes this means working on my vision for Wild & Free Jewelry, and other times it’s as simple as catching the sunset or journaling by the fireplace. What I’ve learned from nurturing creativity for over a decade, is that it exists in a space where all emotions can alchemize into something beautiful. I’ve seen this take place throughout many painful events in my life and I trust in its process.

There’s so much I could write to share even more with you about what I’ve gone through the last few years, but for now, I would like to leave you with these dreamy images from a time of inspiration, and the message that I am taking time to heal and nurture the creative space within. I’m looking forward to sharing visions with you in this space again!

Sending you love from my cozy mountain home ♡ xx Corina