AYALA for Wild & Free Jewelry

Today, I’m excited to share my recent photography and designs for Wild & Free Jewelry! These photos are from a few months back and while the crown design I’ve been making for over five years, the colors are completely new.

In September I was feeling inspired by a few custom requests and I decided to release the Galactic Magic Mermaid Tiara in two new colors, Enchanted Emerald and the first ever Glitter Gradient (designed to look like a pastel sunset)!

The evening of this oceanside shoot was rather gloomy and cold, but my lovely model Ayala held it together to help create these stunning shots.

I wanted the photos to have a bit of a festival vibe so I added a few rainbow stars to Ayala’s face with eyelash glue. I haven’t been to a music festival since 2019 and attaching the tiny stars to her face made me reminisce about dressing up for a weekend of dancing. Stars and moons are my favorite face decor shapes and I always adore the way they bring out an extra side of magic when paired with a mermaid crown.

I always feel inspired after days like this as it’s a nice break from my daily activities of creating orders at home and it gives me a chance to exercise a different kind of creativity. Towards the end of 2021 I did quite a few shoots that I’ve yet to share. I’ll slowly be going through and editing them in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more new Wild & Free Jewelry and photography visions. For now, I hope you enjoy these edits of the sweetest soul, Ayala.

& in case you missed it, nearly all mermaid crowns are 40% off until the end of the month on the website and Etsy to celebrate 11 years! ♡

As always, sending you love! xx