I hope you always remember …

I hope you always remember

that you can live the life you

It all begins with taking
tiny step forward,

until one day,
the steps become more like leaps

and suddenly, you’re right there

in the place you always knew your heart belonged.

Trust that YOU
know the way ♡

Hello friends, I’m coming to you today with a few photos that I took shortly after my birthday in January, wearing the new Wild & Free Jewelry Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips. The words above came to me this morning as I was thinking about my journey with stepping into the unknown and learning to trust my intuition above all else. This post is short, but I hope it serves as a gentle reminder to allow yourself the grace to follow the visions your soul whispers in moments of quiet reflection.

We all get a little lost sometimes, and it’s okay to feel the depths of emotion during times when we’ve lost our center. Remember, that often we don’t need all the answers, we just need the wisdom to take it one step at a time and trust that somewhere deep within, we know the way.

Sending you LOVE always xx